Mentor Program

Since 2013, the Thai American Physicians Foundation has established mentorship program for Thai physicians who wish to study in the United States for residency training.


This program is the first of its kind to be developed in the United States in response a gradual decrease in the number of Thai applicants to the National Residency Matching Program or “the match”.

The purpose of the program is to provide mentorship and guidance to young Thai physicians who may be unfamiliar about medical training in the United States. Thai physicians who are interested in establishing a mentor may contact the Mentorship program coordinator, Dr. Vin Tangpricha, at for a contact information of the currently available mentors. The prospective mentee should establish contact by email or by telephone to discuss any questions or concerns about medical training in the United States.

Each mentor may be able to assist mentees by providing advice about programs, personal statements, interviews, and research. Some mentors may be in the position to help sponsor observerships however the availability of observerships are hospital dependant and are not guaranteed.

This unique program was approved by the TAPF board of directors in the Fall of 2007. It is the hope of the TAPF board that this program will increase the bond between Thai and Thai-American physicians for the good of Thai people in the United States and Thailand.